Friday, July 4, 2008

this from an 11-year-old??

totots, angya, and kikik

An IM chat between my brother, 20-something, and our nephew, 11:

angya [the nephew]: kol inig dako nako kol ba (uncle, when i grow up)
angya: mag-programmer ko (i wanna be a programmer)

angya: hehee

jari [the brother/uncle]: hahahaha
jari: rili?
jari: y?
angya: unleash my inner nerd
jari: you have to be good in solving math problems..
jari: not really good in calculating but solving problems
angya: it sounds tough but i'll work for that maybe
jari: hehehe
jari: m sure u can do it
jari: jst dnt giv up
jari: and kip ur eyes on d goal,okie?
angya: haha you sound like dad haha
jari: hahahaha
jari: its funny but its a good lesson
jari: nvr give up dude

angya: yeah i have a long way to go

unleash my inner nerd??
i have a long way to go??

needless to say, uncle jari was floored.


radj said...

uber floored *_*

soul said...


Steph said...

Whoa! :)

Purpled Sky said...

hala noh? watch out ka uncle jari kay mas bright pa na nimo. wehehehe!

faeryrowan said...

hahahahaha! lupigan ang uncle. hasta ang auntie sad noh? ;)