Monday, May 29, 2006


One evening, Allan was patiently teaching Kikik how to answer the telephone.

Allan: Unsa gali to isulti kung naai manawag ig ka buntag?

Kikik: Hello, good morning! (with a big smile)

Allan: Very good. Unya kung hapon, unsai isulti?

Kikik (pausing for a few seconds, apparently thinking): Hello, good afternoon!

Allan: Wow, ka-bright gyud aning bataa oi. Unya kung gabii manawag, unsai isulti?

Kikik smiles at Auntie-Mom, hoping to get her on his side and help him answer the question. Auntie-Mom just smiles back.

Accepting defeat good-naturedly, Kikik turns to Uncle Allan, gives him a winning smile, and answers triumphantly: Hello??

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

what's the name of the game?

Case No. 1 : You tell us one story, and you tell others another version of the same story (with a BIG difference in the versions, nonetheless). You go, "ssshhh, sshhh, this is a secret, don't tell our friends that I'm telling you this," but we find out later that you've been baring your secrets to everybody all along.

Case No. 2: You appear to be cultured and sanctimonious, but somehow, your actions and everyday deeds don't quite seem to add up.

Case No. 3: I always thought you were nice and sweet, but then again, I've also seen your "mean b*tch" persona.

Case No. 4: Do you always have to look your dressed-to-the-nines, all-glammed-up, dirty-rich-girl, fashionista-extraordinaire look? Even if it's just to buy banana Q outside?

Case No. 5: You can't seem to stand other noises that are not emitted by you. When other people start to enjoy themselves, you tell them to SHUT UP (with all that b*tchy attitude you can muster); yet, you have an uncanny knack for advertising your mirth, too.

So to you all numbered cases: come now, pray tell, what's the name of your game?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

abba fever

I just can’t seem to get ABBA songs off my mind these days.

It all started one bleak Saturday morning, when I was still in bed, floating blissfully between complete wakefulness and quiet slumber, listening to the peaceful silence in our house.

Then, out of nowhere, our stereo blasted out loud with songs of Abba. I remember the first song was Knowing Me, Knowing You. Listening to the barrage of songs while still in bed, I thought how wonderful it must have been to live in an era uncluttered by cellphones, where The Mall is not yet the place to see and be seen (in my town, at least).

I like to think that people growing up in those times went to parks, swam in the beaches, or hiked up mountain trails on weekends. Sometimes they might have a party at a friend’s house, and since videoke was not yet around at that time, people actually talked to each other during parties, or played games (decent or otherwise).

I suddenly felt nostalgic for those times (even though I was born in the late 70’s). Or could it be that the hypnotic tunes of Abba have made me wistful somehow? As their music weaves into the air, I closed my eyes again and allowed the music to lull me into yet another sleep.

Since then, I couldn’t get their songs off my mind. I have a playlist from where I work, and Abba is its latest inclusion. I listen to it all day now, and at night, their songs find their way into my dreams somehow.

And for the record, I have not yet gotten around to returning to other songs again.