Thursday, May 28, 2009


Photo: Courtesy of Soloflighted

I experienced the most amazing sensation this week.

After doing lunch with our James Bond at La Tegola, we dropped by Gelatissimo just to see if we can squeeze in more treats into our already-full tummies. (Couldn’t get more Italian than this, huh?)

The other Bond girls chose the chocolate flavor, but because I worship the gods of caffeine, I opted for their version of the coffee ice cream.


It. was. deeelish. times infinity.

Their coffee ice cream was sprinkled with coffee beans (and I mean real coffee beans), roasted just right so you can actually taste their acrid bitterness, but when combined with the sweet, cool texture of the ice cream: coffee-gasmic! 

And how often can you get to say: I had me some crunchy ice cream?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

because you care

I know you've been dying to find out the most-played tracks on my iPod (admit it, you WANT TO KNOW), so for your viewing pleasure, here it is. 

click photo to enlarge image. you know you want to.

In other news, all my friends agree I am a conceited monkey with overbearing delusions of grandeur (I can almost see them nod in unison). 

But whatever. As long there's coffee or tequila or tequila-flavored coffee, it doesn't really matter!

matud nila

Image: Courtesy of Zazzle

We were at the ICU, my uncle and I; our turn to tend to my grandmother who’s been in and out of hospitals since last year.

My uncle had just flown in from Australia. My mother, worried sick about my grandmother’s condition, called in her siblings from the other parts of the world, to see if maybe having them here can nurse my grandma back to health.

It was twilight, I think, when we went inside the ICU room.

My grandma looked up when we entered the room, and she beamed when she saw my uncle. My uncle approached her bed, kissed her cheek, and held her hands.

We had a little chat, about this and that. Uncle Junie made a few jokes, elicited small chuckles from my grandma.

And then out of nowhere, my grandma whispered, “Dong, I can’t sleep.”

So my uncle, while holding my grandma’s hands, softly sang:  

Matud nila, ako dili angay

Na magmanggad sa imung gugma

Matud nila, ikaw dli malipay

Kay wa ako’y bahandi na kanimu igasa

My grandma closed her eyes, and with a sigh of relief, gently fell asleep.

I looked away and headed out the door. Moments like these are not meant to be disturbed.

what what

What do you call that person who gives you the evil eye when she doesn’t think you’re looking? And then you catch her giving you the evil eye (and she knows you caught her), but then she looks away and pretends like nothing happened.

Five minutes later, your phone rings. It’s her. And she’s inviting you out for drinks later that week. Or maybe suggests you do lunch tomorrow.

What the fcuk is that?

Also, is it weird that I feel sorry for her?

Because obviously she doesn’t like me, but for whatever reasons she may have, she feels she needs to pretend otherwise.

And that’s just...