Tuesday, April 29, 2008

what's in your kikay kit?

If you're not Pinoy, then you wouldn't know that a kikay kit equals makeup purse that every girl always, always carries with her wherever she goes. So, to answer that question, here's what's inside my kikay kit:

  • maybelline angelfit pressed powder
  • the body shop cheek and lip tint
  • maybelline unstoppable mascara
  • almay i-Color eyeliner
  • the face shop cushion touch jelly tint for lips
  • victoria's secret beauty rush lip gloss in pinked lemonade
  • nail clippers
Feel free to share your secrets in the Comments section!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Back when I was still in college, I had this huge girl-crush on a classmate (I think it was the English something-something class).

I remember sitting there in that classroom, it was in the middle of an afternoon, and we were restlessly waiting for that 15-minute timeframe that tells us it was okay to leave (in our school, if the teacher didn't show up in the first 15 minutes of the class, that automatically meant no classes for that period).

And then she walked in.

She was tall, lanky, morena, with hair cropped close to her head, and the most adorable doelike eyes you've ever seen. She had a nonchalant gait, like it wouldn't matter if the teacher showed up or not, and she had on a plain black shirt, jeans, sneakers, and a messenger bag slung carelessly over her body, probably a last-minute afterthought when she realized she'd be going to a class and it was the appropriate thing to have.

And then I thought to myself, wow, this girl is cool.

Now, I'm not a lesbian - let's get that straight (pun intended). I've always enjoyed the company of men (at present, particularly that one man I've spent the last 7 years with), and can't ever imagine myself being with a girl ('cause I'm a girl and being with another girl? that's just way too much vajayjay).

So anyway, I remember thinking how cute she was, and how lucky her boyfriend was (if she had one, at that time).

I never got her name, though. And I never got a chance to speak with her, either. I think that was because I felt too intimidated by her cuteness and how cool she was, and also because she seemed to be the odd girl out that nobody ever thought to be friends with her (my classmates and I belonged in the same block, you see, and she was from another course).

And that was my first and last time to be crushing on a real girl. I have girl-crushes now, but they're celebs so they don't count as real.

I wonder, though:
when boys crush on girls, do they feel the same way I felt?
Or is it just all hormones for them?