Sunday, June 17, 2007


Months ago, Allan and I were preparing Kikik for the English-speaking world. We aren't in the habit of speaking English at home, so of course, I was a bit worried Kikik might have a difficult time communicating in the U.S. (The other two boys, they're okay, since they speak English at school.)

What if, we asked Kikik, your friend invites you to his house and your friend's mom asks you what you want to eat? What will you say? (this in Bisaya, of course).

"Eskebeti!" he exclaimed. Eskebeti is Kikik-speak for "spaghetti," his fave food for the moment.

"Oh, they won't be able to understand eskebeti. You have to say it properly. Now, repeat after me. Say 'Spa...' "

"Spa..." Kikik mimics.


"Geti!" Kikik dutifully follows me.


"Spaghetti!" The little guy looked surprised that he was able to say the word properly.

"See! That wasn't so difficult after all. Now, let's try it again. (mimicking a high-pitched voice) 'What do you want to eat, Kikik?'"

The little guy pondered for a moment, and then, with that mischievous smile, blurted out: