Monday, July 21, 2008


Photo: Courtesy of Vergil Cola

Coincidentally, purpledsky and avy tagged me with basically the same memes, just that the difference lies in the number of things I have to reveal about myself. Purpledsky's meme requires 7; Avy's, 10. So I figure, if I put in 10 useless facts here, I'm actually hitting two birds with one stone.

You still with me? If not, I totally understand. If you're still here reading this post and then somewhere along the way got bored, don't blame me: I'm just being a good blogosphere netizen here.

Now, if you have other better things to do, go.

Photo: Courtesy of Anchela Yap

I mean, really.


1) Whenever I encounter a long word, I automatically count its syllables.

2) When I am bored and have nothing to do, my right hand takes on a life of its own (albeit discreetly) and makes as if it’s writing in cursive with whatever word is on my mind.

3) Things that you might find heartwarming find me choking back big, fat tears from plopping unceremoniously down my face; things that might make you smile in amusement make me howl in fits of laughter. In short, mabaw ug kalipay.

4) When I was a little girl, I wanted to become a nun.

5) I can’t cook, I can’t swim, I can’t bike, I can’t sing. But (of course there's always a BUT!), I have no difficulty in reading anything upside down (although it takes a bit longer for me to finish than when I’m reading normally).

6) I can't stand people who take themselves too seriously. Take the movie The Dark Knight, for example. Every time The Joker is on a scene, I pay attention. I listen, I laugh with him, I *understand* him. But Batman? Hrmp. I just wanted to walk up to that look-at-me-i'm-a-brooding superhero in a skintight outfit, and say: Dude, you gotta get yourself some Strepsils for that voice. And smile, for gawd's sake! (Sorry, Batman fans.)

7) I loooove mahjong! Anyone up for an all-nighter playing that game? Just buzz me.

8) His telenovelas are cheesy; his movies much worse. I know he can't sing. And he dances weird. But I heart John Lloyd Cruz.

9) Eventhough I've been with my boyfriend for about 8 years now, my heart still skips a beat whenever he holds my hand. (arrrr!)

10) My name is Marichelle, and before Facebook, you wouldn't have gotten any results when you Googled me.

Now, it's my turn to tag. Calling diva wears nada, the fab & the furious, divas & bitches, demiera, and strawberry limonada. Spill those 10 things! :D

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faeryrowan said...

"9) Eventhough I've been with my boyfriend for about 8 years now, my heart still skips a beat whenever he holds my hand. (arrrr!)"

Igat! Igat! Igat!!! I-pressure na ang "soul" ati ha para magsugod na mi plano. Hehe!

Purpled Sky said...

aaarrrr! kagilok sa number 9 hahahahaa!

eherm, amen sa kang john lloyd. weeeehehehehe!

soul said...

Ato ning sabot sabotan.ΓΌ kung asa, unsa pagahimuon, mga preparasyon... ug labi na sa tanan ang amotan!.:D Donate donate lang gud.. hehehe

KOOKI'S buddy said...

finally! somebody annoyed as well with the voice... was he like that with the first batman movie?? c'mon... somebody else should have pointed that out a long time ago. [i miss heath]

caffeinated muse said...

yeah, the voice is just so... annoying. and is it just me, or is the dark knight simply overrated?
also, yeah, heath rocks. too bad he had to OD on some drugs, though.