Saturday, July 26, 2008

the editing room

Image: Courtesy of The Editing Room

In one of my (mis)adventures in the blogosphere, I stumbled upon this site, and bookmarked it at once! I'm not sure if you've been to The Editing Room before, but if you haven't, you should check it out.

Caution: Drinking coffee while reading the posts may result to choking on your coffee while trying desperately to breathe or sprays of coffee shooting through your nose.

If you didn't even smile (at the very least) while reading the posts, then there is something seriously wrong with you, my friend.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

song of the week: 1 2 3 4

Photo: Courtesy of Feist

Feist is a singer-songwriter who hails from Canada. 1 2 3 4 is from her solo album, The Reminder.

1 2 3 4 - Feist

one, two, three four
tell me that you love me more
sleepless, long nights
that was what my youth was for
Old teenage hopes are alive at your door
left you with nothing,
but they wanted more.
oh, oh, oh,
you're changing your heart.
oh, oh, oh,
you know who you are.
sweetheart, bitter heart,
now i can't tell you apart.
cozy and cold,
put the horse before the cart.
Those teenage hopes who have tears in their eyes
Too scared to own up to one little lie.
oh, oh, oh,
you're changing your heart.
oh, oh, oh,
you know who you are.
one, two, three, four, five, six, nine, and ten.
money can't buy you back the love that you had then.
one, two, three, four, five, six, nine, and ten.
money can't buy you back the love that you had then.
oh, oh, oh,
you're changing your heart.
oh, oh, oh,
you know who you are.
oh, oh, oh,
you're changing your heart.
oh, oh, oh,
you know who you are.
For the teenage boys
They're breaking your heart
For the teenage boys
They're breaking your heart.

Also, check out the Sesame Street version here.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

your horoscope for today

Image: Courtesy of saverfreebies.

Circulated through e-mail, this is a parody of the horoscope one usually reads in a magazine/newspaper. It's in the native dialect, Bisaya, so I've translated the text into English for our non-Bisaya readers. The translation is not verbatim per se, but I would like to think I've captured the thought.

Also, since most of the horoscope readers are women, this is written for them/us.

delikadong maglakawlakaw karun kay slide ang dalan ug daghang makakita. patuo jud sa tambag ayaw agi sa dalan.adto agi sa dagat kay pulos tubig to ddto dli maklaro kong ma slide ka. swerteng numero: 138, pwede sad rambolon!

it is not a good idea to walk outside today, as the roads will be slippery and somebody will see when you slip. it is a good idea to heed this warning. should you need to walk outside, walk by the seashore, or better yet, use the sea to navigate to your destination. this way, if you slip, it will not be so obvious since you're already in the water. lucky number: 138 - this can also be jumbled for that winning combination of whatever you're betting on today!

bation nimo ang tumang kalaay, busa likaye ang pagtan aw sa imong dagway. lugar debwenas: obyos bah?! kanang lugar nga walay samin aron dli nimo makita imong dagway!

you will feel very bored today, ergo, avoid looking at the mirror as you will become depressed when you see your face. lucky place: isn't it obvious by now? of course, any place without a mirror, so you don't accidentally get a glimpse of your depressing face.

naglibog ka karun kung kinsa ang imohang pilion, ang imong uyab nga adunahan apan maut (batig nawng bah!) o ang usa nga ambungan pero wlay nahut. opsss! nganung maglibog mn ka nga nga libog naman kang daan, db?! swertehun ka sa pagcgeg chat sa internet, kay mag brown out kini ug dili ka makabayad sa imong nagamit.

you feel very confused today. who should you choose: your rich boyfriend who is not so physically well-endowed (in other words, ugly) or your yummilicious but freeloading boytoy? oops! why be confused when you were already confusing before all these even started? you will be lucky surfing/chatting in an internet cafe, as this place will have a brownout and you won't be asked to pay for the time/rent.

ayaw pgpaduol sa classmate nimo (kana kon estudyante ka ha!) imong ka opismit (kung opisgirl ka!) nga ngcgeg panghingugmo (lood!) kay delikado nga malagputan ka! swerteng butang: panyo, in case nga dili malikayan aduna kay mapahid.

avoid your classmate (if you're still in school) or officemate (if you're a career woman) who's always picking his nose. (yuck!) there's a high probability this classmate/officemate accidentally flicks a dried snot your way! lucky object: handkerchief. in case a dried snot did accidentally land on you, you can use the handkerchief to wipe it away.

palig-uni ug maau ang imohang bra kay makasugat kag gwapo. daku ang posibilidad nga mabugto ni. kun ikaw lalaki, seguradoang lig-on ang imong siper kay dghang tentasyon sa mata ang masugatan nimo ron. lugar debwenas: cementeryo

make sure you're wearing a sturdy bra because today you will meet a good-looking dude. there's a big chance your bra might get unhooked on its own due to this dude's hotness. if you're a guy, make sure your zipper is sturdy as well because there's just too much eye candy around. lucky place: the cemetery.

intriga sa kinabuhi ang buot mopaluya nimo, magcge daw ka ug papansin aron maka gain ug lots of friends. apan ayaw kana pansina instead shout it to the max "wlay bot-anay" butang dimalas: cellphone, ma check operator ka!

you will be swamped with a lot of intrigues today, mainly because people will say you're desperately craving for attention so that you'll have lots of friends. but do not pay heed to these people. instead, you should shout out to the world: bugger off, you idiots! unfavorable object: your cellphone. you will get a message today: check operator services (or, you don't have enough credits to send SMS messages).

kalipay ang mgpaabot nimo karung semanaha kay dghan ka ug mauyab. likayi ang mga tapulan og dili kahibaw mubuhat ug lobletters kay syur ko ikaw jud ang pahimuon haha...swerteng butang: chalk...kon estudyante ka suwati ang inyong blakboard ug wanted uyab!

happiness awaits you this week because you will have several suitors. avoid those who are lazy or do not know how to write a love letter because you will be asked to write the love letter for them haha... lucky object: chalk... if you're a student, you should write on the blackboard: wanted - lover!

ugma kong molakaw ka kuyog imong mga prends ibilin jud ang imohang cellphone kay dghang mga prends nimo ang wlay load unya magpapasa load sila nimo. dal-a lng ni kung wla sad kay load ok?! swerteng lugar: colon, makakita ka ug casing sa imohang cellphone.

tomorrow when you go out with your friends, make sure to leave your cellphone in the house. these "friends" will ask, nay, demand you to load their cellphone with enough credits so they can send SMS messages. but if your cellphone does not have enough load to forward credits, then ok, you can bring it with you. lucky place: colon street. you will see (and probably buy) a rockin' cellphone casing.

hilabihan nimo ka swerte karung adlawa kay makadawat ka ug pahalipay bisan layo pa ang pasko, lifetime supply sa tawas. tawo nga dimalas: imohang tupad

today is your lucky day because you will receive a gift even if it's not yet christmas. your gift - a lifetime supply of deodorant. unlucky person: whoever happens to be sitting/standing next to you.

madakpan ka karung adlawa kuyog ang imohang uyab sa usa ka mall! ang rason nila "no pets allowed" butang debwenas: tangkal. adto na ibutang ang imohang uyab!

today while malling with your boyfriend, you will be arrested by the police. you will be charged with bringing pets into the mall, and this is a serious offense because in the mall, "no pets are allowed." lucky object: a cage. place your boyfriend here, and return later to claim him.

pg andam pirme ug rugby kay malangkat ang lapa2x sa imohang sapatos. kung wla kay rugby pag bawon pirme ug sinelas, isud sa bag. tawong demalas: may lain pa, di IKAW!!!!

always have a bottle of superglue ready, because the soles of your shoes will come apart later today. if you don't have superglue, bring a pair of slippers, and put it in your bag. unlucky person: who else, but YOU!!!!

maayong ilabay ang butang nga imohang gikuptan kay mao kana ang nagdala ug demalas nimo. opppss! time pah! joke lng!!! ang tinuod swerte ka karun kay librehon ka sa imong tupad. adlawang debwenas: KARON lageeeeh!

it is a good idea to dispose of that thing you're holding right now, because that is your unlucky object today. whooops! wait! i was just kidding. the truth is, you will be lucky today because the person sitting next to you will treat you out for dinner. lucky day: TODAY. duhhh!

**Am I super-bored today, or what??

Monday, July 21, 2008


Photo: Courtesy of Vergil Cola

Coincidentally, purpledsky and avy tagged me with basically the same memes, just that the difference lies in the number of things I have to reveal about myself. Purpledsky's meme requires 7; Avy's, 10. So I figure, if I put in 10 useless facts here, I'm actually hitting two birds with one stone.

You still with me? If not, I totally understand. If you're still here reading this post and then somewhere along the way got bored, don't blame me: I'm just being a good blogosphere netizen here.

Now, if you have other better things to do, go.

Photo: Courtesy of Anchela Yap

I mean, really.


1) Whenever I encounter a long word, I automatically count its syllables.

2) When I am bored and have nothing to do, my right hand takes on a life of its own (albeit discreetly) and makes as if it’s writing in cursive with whatever word is on my mind.

3) Things that you might find heartwarming find me choking back big, fat tears from plopping unceremoniously down my face; things that might make you smile in amusement make me howl in fits of laughter. In short, mabaw ug kalipay.

4) When I was a little girl, I wanted to become a nun.

5) I can’t cook, I can’t swim, I can’t bike, I can’t sing. But (of course there's always a BUT!), I have no difficulty in reading anything upside down (although it takes a bit longer for me to finish than when I’m reading normally).

6) I can't stand people who take themselves too seriously. Take the movie The Dark Knight, for example. Every time The Joker is on a scene, I pay attention. I listen, I laugh with him, I *understand* him. But Batman? Hrmp. I just wanted to walk up to that look-at-me-i'm-a-brooding superhero in a skintight outfit, and say: Dude, you gotta get yourself some Strepsils for that voice. And smile, for gawd's sake! (Sorry, Batman fans.)

7) I loooove mahjong! Anyone up for an all-nighter playing that game? Just buzz me.

8) His telenovelas are cheesy; his movies much worse. I know he can't sing. And he dances weird. But I heart John Lloyd Cruz.

9) Eventhough I've been with my boyfriend for about 8 years now, my heart still skips a beat whenever he holds my hand. (arrrr!)

10) My name is Marichelle, and before Facebook, you wouldn't have gotten any results when you Googled me.

Now, it's my turn to tag. Calling diva wears nada, the fab & the furious, divas & bitches, demiera, and strawberry limonada. Spill those 10 things! :D

Last photo: Courtesy of the muse's bro.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

mamma mia!

Photo: Courtesy of Mamma Mia!

Per Wikipedia: Mamma Mia! is a film adaptation of the West End stage musical, based on the songs of successful pop group Abba.

Per caffeinated muse: If you're into musicals and you don't have a vendetta against Abba, this one is a must-see.

Mery Streep, as usual, continues to amaze us with her acting versatility. Unlike some two-bit self-righteous actress on a delusive high-horse (*cough Katherine Heigl cough cough*), Streep manages to make a film full of Abba songs into something that makes 2008 worth remembering.

And maybe because I have this thing for Abba, I'm willing to forgive the film's flaws. It's a feel-good movie, corny yet endearing.

Y'all should watch it (if you haven't already). Also, best viewed with your mom in tow. I promise, your mom's gonna love it.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

an open letter to the thief who stole my xanax

So you got my iPod. With the earphones from my boyfriend's iPhone.

You must be gloating like such a smartass right now, thinking, "yayy i got me a free iPod, plus some neat earphones. i bet i can sell this for a few thousand bucks."

Well, guess what, buddy - that ain't such a neat deal. That iPod you're holding right there? That's like the iPod nano 1st gen. With only 1 gig capacity. Let's see how you can sell that to anyone for more than a thousand bucks. (Well, I might buy it, if you sell that to me. We'll see.)

Looks like I may have the last laugh, after all.

So may I just say: That thing you did where you thought you were so smart? That was lame. Times ten.

And what the f*ck am I supposed to do with this frickin' iPod dock??

Peste jud oi! Maynta'g niti-urok nka dha, inataya ka!
*clears throat*
Pardon my French.

Friday, July 4, 2008

this from an 11-year-old??

totots, angya, and kikik

An IM chat between my brother, 20-something, and our nephew, 11:

angya [the nephew]: kol inig dako nako kol ba (uncle, when i grow up)
angya: mag-programmer ko (i wanna be a programmer)

angya: hehee

jari [the brother/uncle]: hahahaha
jari: rili?
jari: y?
angya: unleash my inner nerd
jari: you have to be good in solving math problems..
jari: not really good in calculating but solving problems
angya: it sounds tough but i'll work for that maybe
jari: hehehe
jari: m sure u can do it
jari: jst dnt giv up
jari: and kip ur eyes on d goal,okie?
angya: haha you sound like dad haha
jari: hahahaha
jari: its funny but its a good lesson
jari: nvr give up dude

angya: yeah i have a long way to go

unleash my inner nerd??
i have a long way to go??

needless to say, uncle jari was floored.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

song of the week: hang me up to dry

Photo: Courtesy of Cold War Kids

The Cold War Kids is an indie-rock band from California. "Hang me up to dry" is from their first album, Robbers & Cowards.

This metaphor-charged angsty number just speaks - to me.

careless in our summer clothes
splashing around in the muck and the mire
careless in our summer clothes
splashing around in the muck and the mire

fell asleep with stains
cake deep in the knees
what a pain

now hang me up to dry
you wrung me out
too too too many times
now hang me up to dry
I'm pearly like the whites
the whites of your eyes

all mixed up in the wash
hot water bleeding our colors
all mixed up in the wash
hot water bleeding our colors

now hang me up to dry
you wrung me out
too too too many times
now hang me up to dry
i'm pearly like the white
the whites of your eyes

now hang me up to dry
you wrung me out
too too too many times
now hang me up to dry
i'm pearly like the white
the whites of your eyes

now hang me up to dry
you wrung me out
too too too many times
now hang me up to dry
I'm pearly like the white
the whites of your eyes