Wednesday, July 16, 2008

mamma mia!

Photo: Courtesy of Mamma Mia!

Per Wikipedia: Mamma Mia! is a film adaptation of the West End stage musical, based on the songs of successful pop group Abba.

Per caffeinated muse: If you're into musicals and you don't have a vendetta against Abba, this one is a must-see.

Mery Streep, as usual, continues to amaze us with her acting versatility. Unlike some two-bit self-righteous actress on a delusive high-horse (*cough Katherine Heigl cough cough*), Streep manages to make a film full of Abba songs into something that makes 2008 worth remembering.

And maybe because I have this thing for Abba, I'm willing to forgive the film's flaws. It's a feel-good movie, corny yet endearing.

Y'all should watch it (if you haven't already). Also, best viewed with your mom in tow. I promise, your mom's gonna love it.


Purpled Sky said...

hehe nan-aw na sad ta! ;)

faeryrowan said...

Amen to this, ati. If I can find someone who's willing to do it with me, I might make a local production out of it. Hehehehe! Wish ko lang. I want to watch the movie again, and dance to it as well. =)

caffeinated muse said...

@ purpled: mamangka ka? ;p

@ faery: apila bya kos imu production ati ha! tig hilut lang gud ni sky. wheeeee

dee said...

I watched it with my sister and mom and we all loved it! Very very heartwarming and my mom cried! haha

caffeinated muse said...

i'm glad you liked it.. although, i will have to admit, that scene with "slipping through my fingers?" i almost cried, too heheh