Wednesday, August 6, 2008

password fatigue

Image: Courtesy of vera on the verge

In the May 2008 issue of Reader's Digest, the Word of the Year committee from Macquarie Dictionary added password fatigue in its roster of new words.

In Word Spy, password fatigue is defined as "mental exhaustion and frustration caused by having to remember a large number of passwords."

Fortunately for me, my other phone, the ancient, trusty Nokia 6260, has an application requiring a password to access it. I use this app to store my usernames and passwords for various online accounts, ranging from the workplace passwords to Facebook accounts.

But then, I got to thinking: What if I lose this phone? I know this is a very old phone, and I doubt some loser would try to steal it, but ever since that iPod incident, I can't be so sure.

So what I do now to manage my myriad passwords is store all my usernames and passwords for all the online accounts I have, save it in a passworded-document, and attach this document in my Google mail. I then save this e-mail as a Draft (I don't send it to anybody, of course).

This way, I only need to remember two passwords: one for the Google mail, and one to open the document I stored in the Drafts section in my Google mail.

How about you? How do you manage password fatigue?


Purpled Sky said...

pst! creative linky love here ;-)

faeryrowan said...

Sure ka putting it in your email draft folder is safe? Emails are not hacker-safe, ati. I save passwords in my cellphone, too, using codes. Whoever's going to steal my phone won't know it's a password. But still...if someone steals it...sigh. Better exercise the brain, let it unwind or do treadmills so it won't suffer from password fatigue. It's the only place I can think of where you can store your PWs and no one will steal them from you.

Ohhh...I used to highlight a word or two in my all-time favorite book, the Bible, and use that as my password. ;)

fab said...

ooh this is clever..and i used to experience this but since i've grown older and wiser (owss?? hehe), i now keep track of only 3 passwords. :)

caffeinated muse said...

@faery: yeah, i would guess it's safe, as long as the password to open the document is different from the password for your e-mail. still not convinced? bahala ka oi! lol *holds up peace sign*

@fab: yeah, that's a good idea, too.

Anonymous said...

^but..what if you 4get ur pw to retrieve d list of all ur pws? hihihi^ - mikyang

CH4:D said...

unsa man daw ang password ana aron makabalo mi if safe ba siya. hahaha...

Seriously, I only use a couple passwords for all online and office accounts. it's not like some user knows that i have a yahoo, friendster or whatever account. In the first place they wouldn't know the username. That's still a lot of guesswork to cover.

Keith said...

Enough coffee and all this becomes either too confusing, or appears perfectly clear...

I have not been acquainted with Bo's coffee Club since my last visits to the Philippines. So, the simplicity with which I manage my passwords will always remain my system.

I cannot explain my management system without compromising the system itself

Paper Tilapia said...

hey, CM! Ü a smart post, this is.

To answer your question how I manage my pword fatigue, I keep about 5-7 different passwords. In almost same formats but with different characters similar to each other. For every account, there is a meaning for me, and I, 99% of the time, remember them all! Ü