Thursday, August 14, 2008

the dark knight drinking game

Photo: Courtesy of PJ Lighthouse

Inspired by Tom Coffee's post, I decided to make another version of the drinking game, but this time, using the movie hailed as the best comic book adaptation, EVER.

So, here are the rules: When The Dark Knight DVD is released, immediately get a copy and stock up on your favorite alcoholic drink. When you get back to your home/apartment, prepare those drinks beside you, pop in that DVD, sit on the couch, and then...

Take one shot for each time a Batman-clad character appears onscreen.

Take one shot for each instance The Joker licks his lips. Must be that "hypo-allergenic" lipstick, dammit.

Take one shot for each time Harvey Dent tosses a coin. Take another shot when the coin lands heads up.

Take one shot for each person killed. Take another shot if there more than 5 people killed at the same time.

Take one shot for each time Batman speaks in that annoying voice. Didn't Batman ever learn any manners? When in the movies, no loud whispering, please!

Take one shot for each time something gets blown up, explodes, or crashes down. Because that's what a superhero flick is for, right?

Take one shot for each time Rachel Dawes stares at you with those blank, vacant eyes. Blessed be to Nolan for finally killing her off.

When the movie ends, you could already be on the floor, incoherent and cross-eyed, or you could be in your garage, tinkering with your car to see if a Batpod could possibly be lodged somewhere within it.

Let me know how you turn out.

Disclaimer: The government recommends drinking moderately. So whatever happens to you after the movie, I didn't have anything to do with it.


The Fab and The Furious said...

LMAO!!! thanks for making my day c. muse! :P


Kat said...

Haha, I'll probably be down at the start of the movie haha! Nice one!