Sunday, June 1, 2008

a ray of inspirational sunshine

Photo: Courtesy of the muse's bro.

So, I've been trying to get me that elusive ray of inspirational sunshine (read: any material for this blog post) the whole day today. Several thoughts bounced in and out of my mind: some mildly interesting, some eyebrow-raising, some blah.

But since it's a Sunday (as if it's an excuse), and I'm feeling laaaazy, I thought I'd just post here the list of what my topic for this post might have been. :p
  • my favorite tv shows, and why i like them
  • do social networking sites encourage stalker behavior?
  • why do women find it hard to like other women?
  • what could be the story behind this single-finned sea turtle?
  • why do some people (read: ME) have an irrational, gripping fear of all things paranormal?
  • am i really envious of my boyfriend's iPhone? if so, can my motorola v9 appease this envy? (iPhones don't have the copy-paste feature, btw. HAHA)
  • why haven't i showered yet? (ewwww!)
That's my list. I might explore/write about these topics one by one later on; I might not. In the meantime, if in the future you find yourself getting stuck in the corner between writer's block and blog depression avenue, feel free to write about any of the topics I just listed, but don't forget to leave me a link to your story/post. I wanna hear what you've got to say!

P.S. I just know my boyfriend will say I'm sour-graping, again. But, whatevs. *shrugs*