Sunday, May 25, 2008

it's all about the break

I've just had one crazy week.

From taking care of my Nanay at the hospital, to running errands for my Nanay because she's at the hospital, chasing after one particularly whizzing deadline, and then discovering that I had lost my Esprit sunglasses at Plantation Bay over the weekend (woops! don't tell my sis about it!) - I deserve a break, people.

Which brings me to this question: How exactly do you take an instant mini-break?

Do you, like me, engage in dvd marathons of your favorite TV shows (ooh, I can't wait to finish that first season of 30 Rock), or do you slap down hard-earned bucks at your customary watering hole and chug down alcoholic beverages like there's no tomorrow?

Or, like this friend I know, do you sleep off an entire weekend? Or do you suddenly go incomunicado to all friends, foes, and frenemies (people who pretend to be your friends but are actually your enemies) for a couple of days, maybe even weeks?

Or do you do all of these (won't that be just lovely)?

Or do you bang your head on the wall and then tell yourself: I think it's just a psychological thing; it's really just mind over matter??


Martz said...

I think I have already done just exactly what you have enumerated in there, hehehe...I would watch marathon of FRIENDS (my all-time fave TV comedy series) or sleep an entire weekend...And yes, I even tried going incomunicado for almost two months. Doing those things gave me a breather and much needed rest...

Anonymous said...

hapit na nako mahuman ang 4400 hihih..:)