Thursday, June 5, 2008

how classic.

Artwork: Courtesy of KyokoKurosaki.

I've always been known to my family and friends as that absent-minded, her-head-in-the-clouds drama queen prone to bouts of lucidity. And really, I couldn't care less what they say about me, until a series of incidents made me stop and think: hmm... blog material!

Thusly, I show unto you

Exhibit A

As you can probably deduce from the two YM dialogs, I sent an IM to myself, which was intended to be for my sister. I knew something was off when I saw that first dialog on the right, but couldn't quite point out what. So when I asked help from my bro:

me: dude, nganu mani ako YM (what's wrong with my YM)?? *agitated*

bro looks at the screen for one second, and then: DUH! tanawa o! (can't you see!) you sent a message to yourself!

me: aw. (oh.) *bonks head, grins sheepishly*

Bro laughs maniacally in the background.

Exhibit B

This afternoon, I dropped by the mall intending to withdraw cash from the ATM and then detouring by Watson's to grab some kikay stuff.

So what actually happened?

Yes, I did stop by Watson's and did some shopping. But, I forgot to withdraw cash (I realized this when I got back at the office). And then on the way home tonight, I realized I had left the items I bought from Watson's at the office.


Exhibit C

Last week, I exchanged text messages with a friend of mine (Friend 1). We were happily swapping sinfully juicy stories about another friend (Friend 2). Well, at least I was giddy. Now, these friends are both girls, mind.

So a few minutes later, my Nanay entered my room and asked about some stuff (I forgot what about). And when I got back to my phone to send another SMS to Friend 1 about Friend 2, guess who I sent the message to? (yikes, it rhymes!)

Well, who else? I sent the SMS to Friend 2, of course.


These incidents are all very classic me. So if by chance we bump into each other and I just happen to be looking at you and I smile and then I sneer - don't worry. That's just the ordinary me telling the voices in my head to settle down so we can start our weekly meeting.


onyxx said...

i know this is off-topic but... any chance you're into anime? just asking :)

caffeinated muse said...

er.. not the shows. but their artworks are great! so unrealistically perfect. heheh

van said...

Exhibit A and B happened to me too, which made me think that in my previous life, I must've been blond and that I am just currently having the residual effect of it.

Exhibit C? Never. That's because I don't have a SMS life. Hahaha.

van said...

this sounds so much like what I do to my boyfriend... I abuse him with favors relentlessly... hehehehe

fab said...

i can totally relate to exhibit c..something similar happened to me twice already! maybe it's just karma for being chismosa? harharhar! :p

caffeinated muse said...

@van: it's nice to know i'm not the only absent-minded drama queen out there! hehehe

@fab: yeah, well, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. ;p

Demiera said...

Exhibit C happened to me, except i did it to my boyfriend :( he's still my boyfriend but he wasn't too happy about the message lol...

We're all entitled to our absent minded moments...

It's what makes all of the absent-minded drama-queens so special!!

caffeinated muse said...

i'm sorry it had to happen with your boyfriend.. but i'm sure everything's fine now, right?
i guess that's what sets us drama queens apart from the rest of the female species - we know how to get what we want! ;p

CH4:D said...

chel, you probably follow the same code of ethics as doctors but you may want to diagnose yourself with ADHD. heheheh....

I tried once I walked into a room and forgot why I was there. ;)