Thursday, September 3, 2009

mission: impossible

Art: Courtesy of Courtney

One drunken episode a few nights back, I decided to disturb someone's peaceful night by sending him philosophical, thought-provoking text messages (let's just say this someone's name is Cocoy).

But honestly? Reviewing these messages, I really don't know what I meant by these, and even he was equally stumped as well. Perhaps y'all could help decipher what I meant?

So in case you're needing a little bit of puzzle-solving fix, consider these:

Text 1 (sent 11:57pm) - !@@

Text 2 (sent 11:57pm) - dhlum nahan a2c

Text 3 (sent 12:02am) - kmi rabif

Text 4 (sent 12:08am) - frme nku

Text 5 (sent 12:08am) - rai ak dha

Text 6 (sent 12:10am) - mka nmtbh nh jndx 4roo h an a ck hm

Text 7 (sent 12:10am) - ,--

Text 8 (sent 12:11am) - gqmpn dw i6 iac


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to decode these text messages. I suggest you knock back a tequila shot or two (or more - who cares, right?) so that you can maybe try to see where I'm coming from when I sent these.

I'd also wanna add (in true "mission: impossible" style): "this blog post will self-destruct in a few seconds," but that would be stretching it quite a bit.

So I'll just end this post with: "Bottoms up!"


radj said...

Text 5 says "wai au dha?". hahaha. hubog.

Unfair, I can't post a link to my site :p

caffeinated muse said...

that's because you were already signed into your gmail account when you visited my blog, mao na xa. :p

anyway, i've posted your link under espresso shots (see left pane). like in my phonebook, you're the geek freak here. hahahahaha

radj said...

Blogger sucks. :p

CH4:D said...

Kinda starting to nosebleed as I read them before getting them in place:

Text 1 - :-)

Text 2 - dili ko nahan ato

Text 3 - kami ra bf

Text 4 - formo nako

Text 5 - mai ka diha!

Text 6 - ???? *nosebleed*

Text 7 - mistyped smiley. god knows what this is.

text 8 - gwapo daw si chad

gosh, i'm flattered! gilibak ko nimo! hahaha...

caffeinated muse said...

text 1, 2, and 4 MAY BE correct ;p

re text 8: nuh.. ana lng sah! hahahhaha