Thursday, September 3, 2009

the great debate

I've been debating with myself lately: should I go curly? Or remain straight? (With my hair, I mean.)

You see, I've always wanted wanted WANTED to have those curls, but the last time I had my hair permed, it was curly for about a week or so.

And then it went back to the frizzy, limp hair I've always had. So I thought I was finally at this stage where I've made peace with my hair and I've accepted it for what it really is = frizzy, boring, dull.

But then I saw that picture above, and I was like

O.M.G. Bring. It. On.

So I'm thinking I may just take another stab at that dream hair I've always wanted, and I may do just that this weekend.

Or maybe not.

The great debate continues, thus.


Markie said...

i suggest u go short. it'll be totally different from ur look, and i bet u'd still look hot!

caffeinated muse said...

awwww.... ur too kind!
yeah i've been thinkin about a short 'do too, but maybe after na i've tried the long curls
tee heee
we'll see ;D

CH4:D said...

Going curly is tricky. If adto ka sa baratohon it wont' last. You forget the universal rule of beauty, dear - it's expensive! :p You get what you pay for! ;)

caffeinated muse said...

haha btaw you're right :)
well i'm happy to report that i'm pleased with my curls now hehhehe
medyo hassle lang to maintain, yeah, pero worth it rman sd! ayeeee :D