Wednesday, September 24, 2008

work it like you own it

I've always been dependent on music to tide me over those boring hours at the treadmill, stairmaster, whatever. There's nothing like a couple of upbeat thumps and booms throbbing inside your head, courtesy of your earphones (duh), to drown those grunts from some hardcore gym rat trying too hard to heave some serious weights.

So, what's your playlist for working out at the gym?

Here's mine, and quite frankly, I'm getting a bit tired with these tracks. But I'm always up for something new!

Any suggestions?




Anonymous said...

--i also have santogold :)
--try m.i.a and ladygaga! nice na sila ^mikyang^

Anonymous said...

--btw, thanks for 'ohh lala by goldfrapp'... i heard it just last week during one of my dvd marathons on NCIS, and have been trying to figure out the title and artist, but with no luck up until now ;) ^mikyang^

caffeinated muse said...

oh yeah naa diay ko lady gaga, though i have yet to look up this m.i.a. thanks!

ohh la la was also used in the movie she's the man, so it's been around quite awhile, heheh