Friday, September 12, 2008

that first kiss

Art: Courtesy of Michelle Auer

I remember my first kiss vividly (yes, that French one). My then-boyfriend was at our place, and he was just getting ready to go home.

While he was about to walk out the door, I leaned over, closed my eyes, and offered up my face in anticipation of that perfunctory butterfly-kiss. But he must have had other things in his mind, because the next thing I knew, he was Frenching me!

I was so shocked I slapped him in the face.

It was a weird feeling, like somebody had invaded your privacy, an unwelcome intrusion. And it tasted weird, too (but now I've learned it's supposed to taste like that - unless he was eating something sweet before the kiss, then happiness for you!). Then I got to thinking, maybe it felt weird because I wasn't *really* in love with him.

Because now that I'm with Allan and when he kisses me, it feels like I'm finally home.

...Can you still remember your first kiss?


Michelle Auer said...

Mine was similar to this. He leaned in, kissed me and then I felt tongue. I pretty much bolted and was freaked out for the rest of the night. I was so grossed out it took me over a year for the second kiss! haha!
(Thanks for using my drawing, BTW)

Purpled Sky said...

" feels like I'm finally home." ahahahahaaaay! gilok! hihihihihii

yeah, uhm. slober. slimy. ick. i do remember.

The Fab and The Furious said...

sis super kinilig ako dun sa " feels like i'm finally home." i shared it with furious.. hehe

i remember my first kiss pero not that vividly because like you, i was not in love with my bf then..and like you, i'm finally home too. ;)


caffeinated muse said...

@ michelle: i've said it before and i'll say it again - i simply adore your work! i'm planning to use more of your work soon, it that's ok. =) and yeah, the first time's not always the greatest, huh?

@ purpled & fab: you both felt kilig because you both know what i'm talking about! hehehe!

partyphile said...

hmm..yes..i do..theree was no love involved..we were just feeling hot and we never did it again after that...we were mere's that for romantic?


well..thats a partyphile's life for ya..

anyways..i linked ya from my site


Michelle Auer said...

feel free to use them as long as you link me when you do, I do not mind at all! ;-)

faeryrowan said...

Unsa toy ingon ni purpledsky ganina? Feels like home? Feel lang? Hehehe! Dugay pa ang actual? Ready na unta ang construction workers--este w--d--g planners diri. Hehehe! Peace...kang Allan. :P

caffeinated muse said...

@ faery: bwehehe cge ka panghagit ni allan dha, paninglan nasadka donation ato! hehehe!