Friday, November 9, 2007

do i know you?

Blame it on poor eyesight.

Yesterday, the girls and I trooped down to the nearby mall to have lunch. As I was enjoying my greasy pizza and listening to B, L, and M trash-talk the most renowned work hazard (okay, okay, so I did more than just the listening), this guy in light-blue sleeves walked past. Actually, I noticed the girl he was with first because she had on an interesting top (although it was a boring black in color) and somehow, my eyes swept over the girl's face and landed on his face. And as our eyes met, he kinda, sorta nodded at me.

As if we knew each other.

But the blank confusion on my face must have registered on him at once, because then he looked away as he and the girl both walked past.

Did I really know that guy? Or, cheeky assumption aside, was he just being "fresh" with me while his arm was around the girl's waist?

You decide. ;p