Sunday, February 25, 2007

in other words

Why do you lose a friendship?

Is it because you were never really friends to begin with, and you just got together due to circumstances, and that, no matter how you try to connect, you just don't?

Or is it because you haven't gotten together for awhile and now that you have started going out again, you realized you are not the same person she knew, and that no matter how you try to tell her that, she just doesn't get it?

Or it could even be that yes, you do go out occasionally, but it's just to party somewhere and there really never was any substantial conversation going on? And somehow, you just lost touch of how your friendship used to be, and then one stormy night, some things were said and you could never take back the words you lashed out on her.

Or is it because one day it just dawned on you that you can't take anymore of her petty dramas and annoying, attention-seeking tantrums?

Or, somewhere along the way, you somehow just went separate ways.

I mean, what I'm saying is: why did I lose you?