Wednesday, May 24, 2006

what's the name of the game?

Case No. 1 : You tell us one story, and you tell others another version of the same story (with a BIG difference in the versions, nonetheless). You go, "ssshhh, sshhh, this is a secret, don't tell our friends that I'm telling you this," but we find out later that you've been baring your secrets to everybody all along.

Case No. 2: You appear to be cultured and sanctimonious, but somehow, your actions and everyday deeds don't quite seem to add up.

Case No. 3: I always thought you were nice and sweet, but then again, I've also seen your "mean b*tch" persona.

Case No. 4: Do you always have to look your dressed-to-the-nines, all-glammed-up, dirty-rich-girl, fashionista-extraordinaire look? Even if it's just to buy banana Q outside?

Case No. 5: You can't seem to stand other noises that are not emitted by you. When other people start to enjoy themselves, you tell them to SHUT UP (with all that b*tchy attitude you can muster); yet, you have an uncanny knack for advertising your mirth, too.

So to you all numbered cases: come now, pray tell, what's the name of your game?