Monday, May 29, 2006


One evening, Allan was patiently teaching Kikik how to answer the telephone.

Allan: Unsa gali to isulti kung naai manawag ig ka buntag?

Kikik: Hello, good morning! (with a big smile)

Allan: Very good. Unya kung hapon, unsai isulti?

Kikik (pausing for a few seconds, apparently thinking): Hello, good afternoon!

Allan: Wow, ka-bright gyud aning bataa oi. Unya kung gabii manawag, unsai isulti?

Kikik smiles at Auntie-Mom, hoping to get her on his side and help him answer the question. Auntie-Mom just smiles back.

Accepting defeat good-naturedly, Kikik turns to Uncle Allan, gives him a winning smile, and answers triumphantly: Hello??