Saturday, July 25, 2009

if i were a girl..

So, lazy blogger that I am, I decided for my next post, I'll let the guys do the talking. I asked them to fill in the blank: If I were a girl, _______.

Here's what I got so far (names are abbreviated to protect the guilty innocent).

From T:


From H:

Personally, I think kikay means "getting away with almost everything just because you're a girl." But whatever, urbandictionary!

And here's from B:

Ayayay! Somebody sure will be gettin' some lovin' tonight! ;D

From F:

Okay, F, gotta love what you have, huh? :D

From M:


From E:

Translation: If I were a girl, I'd be prettier than you.
Someone sounds a little too confident! :p

And lastly, from a guy I met waaaay way back (let's just call him A):

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.


krinkle said...

kaila ko sa winner nga si A, he was telling me about how kulit u were in getting his response :P
hamburgero juwd ni shiya atih!

caffeinated muse said...

what else is new?

*roll eyes*

Toni said...

I so love your posts...veweey, veweey creative.

go bisaya!

btw, bisdak man sab ko pero I wish I have your sass and wit ug uban pa.... hehe...

I'm a fan.

Purpled Sky said...

tuo ka anang B oi. :P

Markie said...

hahahah mabuang ko sa last statement!

Markie said...

hahaha naloka ku sa last statement!

caffeinated muse said...

@toni: awwww.. you're so sweet! :D lami na jd kau akng pamati haha slamat! tho i must say, you ain't doin' so bad yourself. lingaw ra pudko basa2x sa imu blog. =)

@purpled: saba dha oi, klaro kau kang nakilig dah! :p

@markie: ana lng nuh.. wai tihik2x strya ning tawhana heheheh