Thursday, June 25, 2009

little bird

Photo: Courtesy of Simon Chandler

In our new office building, there’s a little bird who somehow got trapped on our floor. It’s been more than two weeks (I think), and the poor thing just couldn’t find its way out (yes, I’m calling it an “it,” ‘cause I’m not sure if it’s a boy or girl bird).

It’s just an ordinary bird, really: brown, tiny, confused. It may have gotten inside through one of the little holes in the building, and now randomly zooms over our head trying to find the way to the real world outside. I suspect sometimes it hides up in the ceiling, maybe to regroup and think of another new strategy on how best to escape this building.

Some of my officemates have attempted to catch the little bird, to bring it outside where it can fly freely and maybe meet up with its friends and tell them of that harrowing escape with that bird-eating building. But whenever my officemates approach the little bird, it just flies out of their reach in time. (Or maybe my officemates aren’t just stealthy enough? ‘Cause the little bird always always ALWAYS seems to know when they’re nearby.)

One of my officemates, L, tried leaving crumbs near her cube to feed the little bird. I feel that L, always the ever-doting momma, couldn’t go to sleep at night knowing there’s a hungry little bird inside our building who may or may not have had its dinner yet. (Instead, the crumbs she left for the little bird were practically untouched, but surprise surprise! Her stock of snack supplies went short of exactly 1 packet of crackers. Now that’s one mighty big bird gone hungry!)

Sometimes, I meet the little bird on my way to the pantry or the restroom: always flitting confusedly, wondering how the h3ll it got itself into this miserably wretched situation, regretting that moment it got curious and decided to fly into that damning hole, uncertain if it could ever trust itself again, and quite possibly, ever on the lookout for a way out.

Poor little birdie. I know exactly how that feels.


Purpled Sky said...

"exactly" huh? Sake bomb session? Just lemme know, girl :)

CH4:D said...

She needs to put the food higher on one of the cubicles, Chel. I understand you have upper drawers? Try the center of the room so it can be spotted.

I used to make this trap (of course, back then it was used to trap mice and rats) where the plate was filled with crumbs and a large plastic bowl on top of it suspended by a stick with a twine wrapped around it. Once the mouse was happily munching on the food: yank, plop, squeak! :)

I'm not sure if it works on a bird but if it flies upward at least it'll trap itself deeper. :)

Happy hunting.

caffeinated muse said...

hehehe you were always fast picking up subtle lines (or is it really that screaming-obvious??)

i'm cool with anything the gang wants, anytime =D

Purpled Sky said...

hehe i knew there was something long before it got obvious (for me). Or nosy lang jud ko? Bwahahahaaa!

caffeinated muse said...

salamat sa tip, chad. luoy na jud btaw kau ang birdie..

caffeinated muse said...

cge di nku muTingog :-|

Markie said...

ka cute sa birdie oi ahihi..
nalingaw jd ko atong nawagtang ang crackers haha.. dli kaha ikaw nag kuha teh?

caffeinated muse said...

hahaha dli tawn merqui oi...
kaw bah! :p

*the province girl* said...

hi. i hope the poor bird has found a way out by now. have a happy day!

caffeinated muse said...

i still see the little bird from time to time. (i wonder where it gets its food, and where it poops?)