Thursday, May 28, 2009


Photo: Courtesy of Soloflighted

I experienced the most amazing sensation this week.

After doing lunch with our James Bond at La Tegola, we dropped by Gelatissimo just to see if we can squeeze in more treats into our already-full tummies. (Couldn’t get more Italian than this, huh?)

The other Bond girls chose the chocolate flavor, but because I worship the gods of caffeine, I opted for their version of the coffee ice cream.


It. was. deeelish. times infinity.

Their coffee ice cream was sprinkled with coffee beans (and I mean real coffee beans), roasted just right so you can actually taste their acrid bitterness, but when combined with the sweet, cool texture of the ice cream: coffee-gasmic! 

And how often can you get to say: I had me some crunchy ice cream?


nony said...

What a sweet life ur havin.:)