Thursday, December 11, 2008

8 things to do before 2008 ends

Photo: Courtesy of Craig Jewell

1. Learn to cook the poor man’s pasta a la purpled sky.
2. Re-enroll in the gym. It’s almost bikini season!
3. Buy coffee for a stranger.
4. Send birthday greetings to God via a balloon.
5. Visit the mall without ever buying anything (not even food or drinks!).
6. Sort out my wardrobe; donate old clothes.
7. Go through one whole day without the internet.
8. Stop making lists.


Anonymous said...

#3. buy coffee for a stranger.

...naa sa 6th floor, LP2, cube #46. name: J_n.

thank u,
stranger :)

caffeinated muse said...

kaila manko ani nga stranger oi!

Purpled Sky said...

#9. with fellow ninangs, give xofia college fund as christmas present. hehehe jok, pwede sad tinuoron. :-P

Anonymous said...

^prehas ta ug #6 heehhe...
pwede donate ka nku?


caffeinated muse said...

@purpled: waaah mahala sad ana woi! wai hangyu? hihihi

@mikyang: boink daghan na au ka nina oi aheheh ;p

caffeinated muse said...

@browneyes: muDawat sadka labada? hahha silingan ra diay ta! wheeee