Monday, November 24, 2008

30 things i learned

Image: Courtesy of DHD Multimedia Gallery

  1. There will always be people whose sole purpose in your life is to annoy the hell out of you. The trick is to not be affected. At all. Because the moment they get under your skin, you lose.

  2. From Dr. House: "Everybody lies."

  3. If you’re a pretty girl, then most of the girls you meet will not like you.

  4. If you’re an intelligent girl, then most of the boys you meet will not like you.

  5. If you’re a pretty and intelligent girl, then you better be damn charming as well.

  6. Never go into a relationship thinking that you can change a man. Because you can’t. He is who he is, honey.

  7. You get what you give. Always.

  8. Don’t sweat the small stuff; it’s just not worth it.

  9. Choose your battles, and choose them wisely.

  10. There are some heartaches that can never be shared with anyone else. That’s just how life is.

  11. Rare is the woman who does not make petty, spiteful comments about other women. If you’re lucky enough to have met this woman in your lifetime, then take the time and effort to cultivate a friendship with her.

  12. Never underestimate a person with strong, religious beliefs.

  13. Do whatever makes you happy, even if doing so may hurt other people. But do remember this: karma can be a nasty bitch.

  14. Be prepared for life’s little (or big) surprises.

  15. If you don’t feel comfortable with it (whatever it is), just say NO. Life’s too short to be catering to every person’s whims, anyway.

  16. Recognize what’s important to you, and live your life based on this awareness.

  17. Sometimes, retail therapy does help in shaking off the stress. But, just sometimes.

  18. Although a day in a spa works, too.

  19. Take care of yourself. Nobody else is gonna do that for you.

  20. Yes, people can be mean. But if you find yourself whining about these people, then tough shit. You’re letting them win.

  21. Don’t flatter yourself – not everything is about you.

  22. You can be beautiful. All you have to do is just think that you are.

  23. Booze and loud music do not a good time guarantee.

  24. Growing old is waaaaay different from growing up.

  25. Having your househelp wear uniforms while you’re at the mall (or anywhere outside your house) simply screams insecurity.

  26. If a friend borrows a thousand pesos (or twenty bucks) from you and you never hear from him/her again, then it’s money well spent. (I read this from somewhere.) But if your friend borrowed more than that, well then, that's estafa.

  27. How a person responds to stress gives you a pretty good idea of his/her integrity.

  28. Smiling with your eyes really works wonders.

  29. Love yourself first. Everything else will just fall into place.

  30. Thirty is the new 24. ;p


Your Girl said...

i love this list! :) so now yes, when people are being mean, i'd let them be. dili na ko affected! hahaha.

caffeinated muse said...

yeah you could do that, i guess.
or, you could also get even. ;D

Stephie said...

I love this post! :)

caffeinated muse said...

muchas gracias. :)

Anonymous said...

wow i like this list a lot. how did you compile this one. can i copy the contents pero i will not post it, i just wanna save the copy of this one.can i please?

Purpled Sky said...

*nods in agreement*
*nods again and again in agreement* then,

#21 --> BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!! So, dahling, get over yourself! hehehehee (i'm not being mean huh, i'm just amused!)

love the list, atih! truly, you've achieved wisdom and sophistication. (tehee!) yeah, those two come with age, i know. ;)

caffeinated muse said...

@flor: sure, knock yourself out. :D er... i learned all these from past experiences and also from observing other people. charrrrr!

@purpled: wahahahah winner imung comment atih! ga-cige ko bahakhak dri room while reading ur comment! mka-relate judko, as inch. da best! ;D

The Fab and The Furious said...

c.muse! :) we missed you! sorry for taking so long to visit you back. love this list..i'm going to share it to my friends and tell them that i got it from your blog. ;) i hope all is well!


caffeinated muse said...

hey fab, thanks for visiting! thanks in advance for the linky love. yeah, i missed you, too! ;D

Anonymous said...

#30 whatever helps you sleep. ^_^

Anonymous said...

growing old and growing up... they're like age and wisdom.

nice list :) keep writing :)

caffeinated muse said...

@ the-dude: uh well, my nanay's friends keep asking if i'm the youngest! woOt woOt ;p

@kikit: thanks for the visit, kikit! :)