Tuesday, October 21, 2008

that city by the sea

So the Boyfriend and I decided to take a little trip up north.

Dubbed as the beach capital of the Philippines, you'll know that they really meant business when they said "powdery-white sand." Add the conveniences of a city-life and a dizzying array of watersports to choose from, no wonder it's a favorite for a lot of people - Pinoys and non-Pinoys alike. Plus the locals won't even try to rip you off, either.

It's all a bit hazy for now, but I do remember this glorious sunset welcoming me when I arrived on the island.

And this one bade me "Good morning!" the following day.

Having learned our lesson the hard way the night before, we wisened up and took a tricycle ride to the island's mall to gawk at tourists dressed scantily like it's a violation of one's rights if one is all covered up.

Then again, maybe we didn't really learn that walking from the mall to our place is a bad idea, because at one point, we trekked from this spot here to about a bit farther than those outcrop of rocks there.

Umm, yeah, it was frickin' hot.

But the island must have deemed our sacrificial walk a proper burnt offering (no pun intended), because then we were rewarded with another exquisite sunset.

I wouldn't mind ending every day with this. Nope, I wouldn't mind at all.

It was nice to just be, for a couple of days, with no itinerary or plans, and the only worry is your hungry belly and then when that's settled, the only thing left to do is lounge by the beach and just chill.

It's even nicer when you don't have to shell out your own money for the experience. (Thanks, baby, for everything! Hehehe!)

And yes, this is Boracay.

And no, these aren't the only pics. Most of the photos can't be published here because they were tainted. With our faces.

All photos courtesy of Allan Soul.


Purpled Sky said...

ah, so the super long walks are worth it, afterall. nice kaau ang pics.

ako sad baby beh, dad-a ko'g boracay. weeeeeheheheheeee!

caffeinated muse said...

saba dha! ;p
mu-adto sad bya ka bora ha. hihihi

pwede kuyog? :D
in exchange for my fare and accommodations, ako lang mag-nanny ni baby xofie.

Purpled Sky said...

nyahahahahaa! kamahal ani nga nanny oi! :P

*lynne* said...

lovely pics :)

kaith said...

suyaa nako oi. wala pa jd ko kaadto bora, promise! duol ra unta sa amo. very nice pictures, especially the first one. :)

caffeinated muse said...

thanks, kaith!
although, you're not doin' too bad yourself. bongga sad bya ang baguio! :D