Tuesday, April 29, 2008

what's in your kikay kit?

If you're not Pinoy, then you wouldn't know that a kikay kit equals makeup purse that every girl always, always carries with her wherever she goes. So, to answer that question, here's what's inside my kikay kit:

  • maybelline angelfit pressed powder
  • the body shop cheek and lip tint
  • maybelline unstoppable mascara
  • almay i-Color eyeliner
  • the face shop cushion touch jelly tint for lips
  • victoria's secret beauty rush lip gloss in pinked lemonade
  • nail clippers
Feel free to share your secrets in the Comments section!


faeryrowan said...

"maybelline unstoppable mascara" Unstoppable jud, ati? hehe! My kikay kit is full of Johnson & Johnson's stuff ra man uy. From loose powder to lotion to cologne. =)

caffeinated muse said...

yep, unstoppable jud. unstoppable ang kampat! wahahaha

Xofia Enia's mom said...

mine has a lot in it that i don't use but thought i would. but the thing in there that i can't live without is my eyebrow pencil, having only 9 eyebrow hairs since birth, i don't go out without it. and oh, forgot the brand, basta it's the one na you don't have to sharpen. kinda convenient for me :)
(kataas sa comment oi!)