Tuesday, March 11, 2008

if i were a rich girl

...I would be a perpetual student.

I'd probably study art, literature, cooking (I'd want to give that a shot, just so I can say I tried), programming (to understand how a software works is ultimately rewarding, I'd say. or I can drop that if it turns out I don't have the knack for it. no biggie. i have lotsa moolah anyway.), music (or learn how to play the guitar), and for recreation, dancing.

And of course, I would travel all over the world. That goes without saying. I'd probably hit the US first, because my sister and her family is there. And then Europe. Oh, Europe. I'd visit first London, to see if Prince William is needing a Queen (we could just click. you never know.). Then France, Italy, Switzerland, Greece...

And then for my last stop, the Caribbean. I could live there for a year, maybe two, lease a small cottage on the beachfront and spend my days just staring at the ocean. Oh I know! Learn how to swim, and eventually, scuba dive! That would be just grand.

*big sigh*

Yeah, just another day in paradise.